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About us

The Taconic Team

The Taconic team consists of talented individuals who are skilled at responding quickly to rapidly changing markets. Under the leadership of Chairman Andrew G. Russell and President Jim O’Keefe, the Taconic team continues to demonstrate the ability to convert knowledge into innovation-resulting in Taconic maintaining its position as a leading supplier of advanced engineered composite materials.

The company’s success is also dependent on strategic partnerships with customers, who are a key part of the Taconic success story. Customer insight allows Taconic to anticipate and meet changing needs with product innovation and technical support.

Architectural Fabrics Division

For much of its history, Taconic has been providing PTFE and silicone-coated fiberglass fabrics for unique, innovative architectural structures. Taconic fabrics are designed to provide lightweight, convenient, fireproof, and beautiful alternatives to traditional architectural materials. The use of PTFE-GLASS™ fabrics allows superior heat and cold resistance and a smooth, waterproof surface for numerous architectural applications such as skylight systems, roof systems, canopies/walkways, freestanding structures, and interior shading and acoustical systems. Recent installations include the Pilgrim’s Accommodation Project in Mecca, Saudi Arabia and the Baby Dome in London, England.

Advanced Dielectric Division

Taconic’s Advanced Dielectric Division was founded in the early 1980s with a vision to supply the world with the finest quality microwave circuit board materials available. Today, this vision has been realized. Advanced Dielectric Division technology is used in some of the most leading-edge communication systems in the world. Typical applications for Taconic laminate substrates include emerging collision-avoidance and radar systems as well as cellular communications and global positioning systems [GPS]. Long-term product development goals include supplying high-end, high-frequency PTFE laminated circuit board material that offers improved performance and lower costs.