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Food Process Belting – Tacmaster/TacCook

Taconic’s Tacmaster products are specially designed PTFE coated glass fibre food belting products designed for use in high-fat cooking applications. The products incorporate a high release non-stick PTFE coating to ensure superior release in the most aggressive meat / food cooking application. The thermal heat transfer properties are excellent allowing successful cooking of the foods at the lowest possible temperatures whilst achieving the longest possible lifetime.

Products in our Tacmaster range displays the following properties:

  • Enhanced release properties
  • Increased resistance to oil penetration
  • High thermal transfer
  • Excellent scratch, wear & puncture resistance
  • Less downtime, improved efficiencies
  • Customised widths up to 2000mm for your machine
  • High temperature belt joints
  • Maximum constant temperature of 260°C. 

Tacmaster is ideal for the meat cooking industry where resistance to grease penetration and abrasion are key factors. The high PTFE content ensures best non-stick properties and long life. Excellent temperature resistance and heat transfer properties ensure maximum efficiency. In addition, the special glass fabric used delivers dimensional stability under heat and pressure all with a maximum running temperature of 260°C

Our TacCook range also offer highest efficiency for cooking of meats, breads & biscuits. TacCook products deliver superior top surface release, reduced fat and oil ingression and custom-made belts made to all sizes.

Click here to see our Tacmaster and Bakery & Food Processing Materials Brochures.

Product Standard width [mm] Nominal thickness [mm] Weight [g/m2] Download datasheet
Tacmaster 9 Silver1200, 13500,280
580Log in
Tacmaster 10 Blue1000, 1200, 1350, 1500, 20000,280
600Log in
Tacmaster 10 Black1000, 1200, 13500,280
600Log in
Tacmaster 11 Black1200, 13500,300
630Log in
TacCook 9 Black12300,260
550Log in
TacCook 10 Red1000, 15000,280
600Log in
TacCook 272600, 33000,700
1450Log in
9109-31000, 1500, 2000, 2600, 27500,250
534Log in
550Log in
9119-3 BN15000,260
550Log in

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