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PTFE coated fabrics have two main applications on heat shrink packaging tunnels – L-Bar Sealers and PTFE or Silicone coated conveyor belts passing through the tunnel / oven.

The process involves a product being encapsulated in poly film. The film is then loosely heat sealed by a heated L-shaped heating arm. The poly-wrapped product is then placed on a conveyor belt and conveyed through the heat shrink tunnel where the heat causes the poly film to shrink and form tightly around the product.

Heat Shrink Tunnel – L-Bar Sealer

The L-bar sealers are coated in either PTFE coated fabric with adhesive or PTFE coated Zone tapes which just have adhesive on each edge. These fabrics cover the heated wire of bar and stop the poly film from sticking to the heater when they melt.

Heat Shrink Tunnel – Conveyor Belt

Heat Shrink Tunnels or Ovens are equipped with an integrated conveyor belt. There are 3 main types of conveyor: PTFE Coated open mesh, Silicone coated fibreglass, or a Stainless-Steel roller system. The PTFE and Silicone coated belts (7305 & 7102 respectively) are usually joined using a stainless-steel clipper system to enable them to be changed very quickly. The film used in this system is usually polyolefin, PVC, and shrink polyethylene films.

High Speed Packaging belts

Our conveyor belting products are used extensively in packaging machines of all shapes and sizes. Our 9054 & 9064LS belts with guiding studs are used on high speed automatic packaging machines made by such OEMs as Hayssen, Cassoli, Libra & Waldessa.

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Product Standard width [mm] Nominal thickness [mm] Weight [g/m2] Download datasheet
50381000, 1220, 1520, 20000,070
135Log in
50581000, 1200, 15000,114
240Log in
50681000, 1220, 15000,128
272Log in
51081000, 1200, 15000,215
455Log in
70391000, 1220, 15250,074
146Log in
70581000, 15000,120
255Log in
70681000, 15000,138
296Log in
71081000, 1500, 20000,230
490Log in
146Log in
70531000, 15000,123
255Log in
90541000, 15000,127
255Log in
9064 LS10200,145
296Log in
340Log in
73052700, 3200, 3700, 44001,000
460Log in
Product Substrate Weight [g/m2] Substrate Nominal Thickness [mm] Adhesive Thickness [mm] Width [mm] Download datasheet
A50381350.0700.0401000, 1500Log in
A50582400.1140.0501000, 1500Log in
A50682720.1280.0601000, 1500Log in
A51084550.2150.0701000, 1500Log in
A70391460.0740.0401000, 1220Log in
A70582550.1200.0501000, 1500Log in
A70682960.1380.0601000, 1500Log in
A71084900.2300.0701000, 1500Log in
A70331460.0730.0401000Log in
A70532550.1230.0501000Log in

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