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TefShield – Insulation Jackets

Taconic’s Tefshield product range is specially designed to reduce heat loss through insulating pipes and equipment. These Taconic insulation jackets are easy to remove and install, can be custom designed to fit your specific type and size of equipment or pipe and are key to providing a safe and economical working environment. The product is available in grey or black with a PTFE coating on one or both sides. The thermal properties and chemical resistance of the high-performance coating in the material are key characteristics as it readily resists contamination by water, oily fluids and chemical spillages including at high temperatures. Tefshield will not burn, generates virtually no smoke under conditions of flame contact making it an ideal choice as insulation jacketing material in high temperature applications.

Product Standard width [mm] Nominal thickness [mm] Weight [g/m2] Download datasheet
TefShield Grey/Natural15000,360
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TefShield Black/Natural15000,360
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Tefshield Black/Black15000,400
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