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Tortilla Belting

Flour based Tortillas, pizza crusts and flat breads are often press baked and formed on PTFE coated conveyor belts running through press ovens. The conveyor belts index at set dimensions and the heated platen drops at a set pressure to form a set dimensions size and thickness. The press simultaneously presses and cooks the product to its desired size and texture.

There are many different OEM’s of these baking oven. Each type requires different combinations of belts, release sheets and fabric properties and thicknesses. In many cases, 10 mil PTFE Coated Fabrics are used with metallic shims which determine the index points at which the belt will stop by metal detection. There are also other indexing methods such as light sensors using black patches or holes in the belts. Joints are normally castellated with a stainless-steel pin to allow fast belt changes.

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Product Standard width [mm] Nominal thickness [mm] Weight [g/m2] Download datasheet
51081000, 1200, 15000,215
455Log in
71081000, 1500, 20000,230
490Log in
TacFood 8 Blue1200, 15000,260
550Log in
TacFood 101000, 1200, 1350, 15000,240
510Log in
TacFood 11 Light Blue1200, 13800,250
550Log in
TacFood 730013800,180
380Log in
380Log in
Tacpatch 3 Black10000,110
200Log in
Product Substrate Weight [g/m2] Substrate Nominal Thickness [mm] Adhesive Thickness [mm] Width [mm] Download datasheet
Tacpatch A3 Black Metal Detectable Tapes2000.1100.0501000Log in

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