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Welding Equipment – Presses & Iron

Taconic introduces its new range of welding equipment for the PTFE coated glass fabric industry. Saving time and increasing efficiencies are crucial in today’s world. As a market leader in the manufacture of PTFE coated glass and aramid fabric belts, Taconic has developed a series of easy to use welding presses, irons and hot bars to improve workshop productivity and to join belts on-site more efficiently.

Welding Presses

Our easy to use workshop welding presses are available at 1500mm and 2000mm wide, both with a platen width of 150mm, in order to facilitate easy welding of wider PTFE Glass belts. Easy sealing of finished belts is facilitated by opening the swing beam. In addition, we offer a small workshop press with a 250mm x 500mm platen for narrower and 2 ply belts.

Presses are equipped with failsafe emergency stop safety measures. All machines come equipped with digital controllers for temperature, pressure, and dwell time.

Price and delivery for all our welding equipment is available upon request.

Irons and Hot Bars

Our easy to use, lightweight welding irons can be used to weld PTFE coated glass belts or for simple repairs. The set comes with a temperature controller, iron stand and extra-long cable.

Our hot bar and controller provide a cost-effective alternative to an onsite press. Used in conjunction with our welding iron, the hot bar delivers required heat to the underside of the weld as the iron is applied across the top surface of the joint. Used together, the iron, hot-bar and controller ensure a top-quality joint within the shortest time period.

The hot bar is available at 500mm & 1000mm long, both with 60mm wide platens.

All our welding equipment is CE approved and comes with full operating instructions.

Click here to see our Welding Equipment Brochure.