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Wind Turbine Blades

Moulding of Sectional Turbine Blades

Sectional turbine blades are manufactured in a composite mould process using either PrePreg or Infusion manufacturing methods. These methods both use release products to line the moulds to allow the epoxy resins to release from the mould easily once the blade has been heat-set and is finished.

Specialist Taconic PTFE coated TacWind fabrics have been individually formulated for this process to allow maximum release, abrasion and temperature resistance.

Masking of critical areas / tacking components in place.

Taconic’s range of pure skived PTFE films are also used within the wind blade moulding process in areas requiring localised high release properties. This can be at blade extremities such as the tip and in areas where materials such as fibreglass need to be tacked into position prior to the blade being closed before the moulding process. The pure skived films have excellent release properties but do not have the abrasion resistance of PTFE coated Glass, therefore these tapes only tend to be single use and removed after each blade is moulded.

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Product Standard width [mm] Nominal thickness [mm] Weight [g/m2] Download datasheet
Product Substrate Weight [g/m2] Substrate Nominal Thickness [mm] Adhesive Thickness [mm] Width [mm] Download datasheet
A50381350.0700.0401000, 1500Log in
A50582400.1140.0501000, 1500Log in
A50682720.1280.0601000, 1500Log in
TacWeld A69 Green3150.1430.0601000Log in
TacWind Brown3150.1430.0601000Log in
TacWind Red3150.1430.0601000Log in
A02SKSW1100.0500.030600Log in

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