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PTFE Glass Fabrics

At Taconic, we provide solutions. The truth is that very few materials can provide all the combined benefits of PTFE coated glass fabric which are as follows:

• Low friction surface with excellent Release
• Superior heat & cold resistance (-73°C to 260°C)
• Chemical Resistance
• Food Approval
• High Dielectric Strength
• Dimensional Stability under heat & pressure
• Low electrical losses

The product grade to be used depends on the required properties relating to weight, thickness, surface finish, dielectric properties, etc. Taconic has a wide variety of PTFE coated glass fabric products which are graded according to the PTFE % content and finish type. If you have an application where you are unsure which product is most suitable, why not reach out to our sales team for a recommendation? Alternatively, please select from the list of product grades for further details of applicable products and their applications. With over 60 years of manufacturing experience, Taconic will have the PTFE coated glass fabric to match your needs.