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PTFE coated Aramid Series

Taconic’s range of PTFE Coated Aramid fabrics offer the release of PTFE combined with the superior strength of an aramid fabric substrate. Used on lines where smaller diameter rollers are typical or in applications where steam may be present, the superior mechanical strength of these products allows them to be used successfully in the harshest of environments.

Product Standard width [mm] Nominal thickness [mm] Weight [g/m2] Download datasheet
200Log in
200Log in
470Log in
715K-1 AR19300,375
570Log in
715KAS1390, 2000, 23000,370
570Log in
720Log in
630Log in
720Log in
7305K (4x4mm)26000,770
310Log in
7305KG (4x4mm)36001,150
644Log in
7195K Porous (1x1mm)23000,630
380Log in
7305K (4x2mm)10501,000
400Log in

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