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Electric Arc Spray

Electric Arc Spray Coatings, also known as twin wire arc spray coatings, are a form of thermal spraying whereby 2 feedstock/ consumable wires are fed into the spray gun. The wires are subsequently charged and an arc is created between the two wires. The heat generated from the arc melts the feedstock wire as it is “fed” into the gun. The melted wire droplets are propelled by an air jet through the nozzle of the gun. The particles impact (splat) on the surface of the component forming the coating

Arc spray coatings tend to have very wide plumes of coating which makes masking an important task.

Electric arc spray coatings are commonly used in industries such as Aviation/Aerospace, Energy (Industrial Gas Turbines), Semiconductor (Parts Cleaning), and Marine (corrosion resistance). Common applications corrosion resistant coatings from sprayed aluminium or zinc, conductive coatings, and coatings for wear resistance.

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Product Recommendations – Electric Arc Spray

Abrasive BlastingXXXXXXXXXXXX
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6605-07D – Basic single sided glass cloth tape suitable for non-critical Abrasive Blasting masking. A good choice for single layer secondary masking.

6615-07 – Double sided fiberglass tape, 7 mil,  complete with silicone adhesive on both sides. Tape usually comes with a crepe paper liner. This tape offers exceptional conformability and strong adhesion metal (and face-to-back).

6615-12 – Thicker double sided fiberglass tape, 12 mil – good for single layer plasma spray masking

6625-07 – Aluminum foil flame spray masking tape, 7 mil (with 1 mil foil)

6625-09 – Aluminum foil flame spray masking tape, 9 mil (with 2 mil foil)

6625-11 – Aluminum foil flame spray masking tape, 11 mil (with 4 mil foil)

6525-08 All-purpose Abrasive Blasting masking tape. Tape is suitable for grit blast and air plasma applications. Construction is silicone rubber coated fiberglass complete with silicone adhesive.

6525-16 – Double Layered masking tape. Double Layer allows for single layer application for each job. In cases where 2 layers of standard tapes are required, the 6525-16 can reduce masking times by 50%.

7102W – Silicone coated fiberglass fabric, 10 mil. This fabric can be used as a light duty reusable masking blanket capable of protecting against overspray.

7322W – All Purpose thermal spray masking blanket constructed of silicone coated fiberglass fabric. This fabric is ideal for secondary masking of large components for most spray styles.

7422W – Heavy silicone coated fiberglass fabric for more demanding jobs requiring protection of large surfaces. This fabric is more abrasive resistant and more suitable for primary masking jobs (as well as secondary).


  • TacMold (A2023-A / A2023-B) masking compound is a 2 part silicone putty which is designed to withstand all forms of thermal spray including GF-HVOF and LF-HVOF. This putty is intended to assist with masking holes or complicated intricate profiles. In some cases, the compound is reusable.
  • TacBloc – A soft, conformable, putty-like material for masking holes, grooves, key slots or any unique configuration. Unlike TacMold, TacBloc is formulated to adhere to metal in areas where anchorage is not possible. TacBloc is good for all forms of thermal spray.

Our How to Guide explains the best way to maximise the advantages of our TacMold & TacBloc Masking Compounds. Please log in or register to download it.