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PVC Window Welding

PTFE coated glass tapes and fabrics are used as a temperature resistant release medium in the welding of PVC Window frames.

The material is applied to weld plates using either its own adhesive, zonal adhesive (Zone Tapes) or clamp plates and the heat passes through the fabric to Melt the PVC and allow it to become a welded window or door joint.  Due to the excellent release properties on PTFE – the melted PVC will not adhere to the tape or fabric surface which allows for a clean and neat weld without any molten PVC ‘tears’.

There are many different OEM’s for PVC welding equipment – some will just have one welding head allowing for one joint to be made at a time and others will have multiple. The single welding head equipment is referred to as a single point welder. These machines allow the weld of one window corner at a time. It is typically used for custom window profiles, or by small companies with relatively low volumes of window production. Another type of equipment is a semi-automated Welder and is referred to as a two-point welder. This machine enables the manufacturer to weld two window joints at the same time. The most common PVC Window Welding machine equipment is a multi-point Welder used for high volume facilities – this equipment is normally a four-point welder but there are automated machines with many more. The 4-point equipment allows for the sealing of a complete 4 corner window or door unit in a single procedure.

The manufacture of vinyl extrusions into frames for windows and doors requires a durable non-stick material during the welding process. Taconic’s specially manufactured TacWeld fabric and tapes are chemically inert, temperature and abrasion resistant and provide superior release. TacWeld fabric was formulated and manufactured to enable more efficient production and to provide increased wear and abrasion resistance within the PVC production process. Temperature resistance is up to 260 °C and TacWeld’s product life is maximized to reduce machine down time. A High weld quality means an improved finished product which also leads to higher production efficiency.

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Product Standard width [mm] Nominal thickness [mm] Weight [g/m2] Download datasheet
TacWeld 69 Brown10000,143
315Log in
TacWeld 69 Red10300,143
315Log in
TacWeld 69 Green10300,143
315Log in
50581000, 15000,114
240Log in
309Log in
7069 Silver10000,143
309Log in
Product Substrate Weight [g/m2] Substrate Nominal Thickness [mm] Adhesive Thickness [mm] Width [mm] Download datasheet
TacWeld A69 Brown3150.1430.0601000Log in
TacWeld A69 Red3150.1430.0601000Log in
TacWeld A69 Green3150.1430.0601000Log in
A50582400.1140.0501000, 1500Log in
A70693090.1420.0601000Log in
A7069 Silver3090.1430.0601000Log in

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