Quick Freeze Belts

Quick Freeze Belts

Did you know that Taconic’s fabrics can also be used in extreme cold applications as well as at high temperatures?

A new focus for Taconic PTFE belting involves quick freezing of food products. Many of the foods you find in restaurants, grocery stores and in your home freezer (meats, fruits, and vegetables) are prepared in specialized facilities that require a final processing step – quick freezing prior to packaging and this is where Taconic can help increase your efficiencies.

Taconic belting offers high release characteristics, stability, and FDA compliance. The key is Taconic’s thin yet durable material. Forced freezing via chilled slider beds can allow for the cold temperatures to rapidly pass through the conveyor belt to “quick freeze” the food product. Taconic’s freeze belts allow for bulk efficient freezing and can function in temperatures approaching -100°F/-73°C.

Alternative belting solutions can become brittle and/or will not function in a low temperature environment, whilst stainless steel belting is a very expensive option. Taconic PTFE belting is the most dependable and economical solution to enhance the quick freeze process.

Explore our Tacmaster Series for suitable material options: Tacmaster Series and contact us so we can answer any related questions you might have.

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