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Thermal Spray Masking Materials

Speciality coated Fabrics, Tapes, & Compounds for Masking Tape Applications

Taconic manufactures a wide range of top quality thermal spray masking tape products to suit your individual needs. Our specialist plasma/silicone coatings, fabrics, adhesive systems and compounds are specially developed to protect components being treated in the biomedical, aerospace, automotive, and alternative energy industries and a wide variety of other areas. 

With quick deliveries from our European locations , competitive pricing and best quality we are ready to serve all of your masking tape requirements.

Using Taconic’s ever-expanding range of masking tapes can help your coating process to:

*Reduce time

*Reduce tape consumption

*Reduce overall spend

*Improve throughput

*Reduce clean up

*Eliminate Rework

Below is a list of products we offer in the areas of Abrasive BlastingCombustion Flame SprayElectric Arc Spray, & Air Plasma Spray. Feel free to Contact us for more information or a quotation.

6605-07D 6615-07 6615-12 6625-07 6625-09 6625-11 6525-08 6525-16 7102W 7322W 7422W Compounds
Abrasive Blasting X X X X X X X X
Electric Arc Spray X X X X X X X X X X X X
Combustion Flame Spray X X X X X X X X X X X X
Air Plasma Spray X X X X X X X X X X X
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Masking Options…Finding the Better Way

*Contamination Free Surface: Taconic thermal spray masking tapes, fabrics, and compounds are designed to leave no residual silicone adhesive nor fluid on the component surface.

*High Abrasion Resistance: Taconic thermal spray masking materials are designed to withstand the high abrasion associated with the abrasive blasting process as well as the spraying of abrasive coating particles (i.e. Carbide particles). In most applications, abrasive blasting can potentially break down masking faster than the coating process. For this reason, abrasive resistance is critical.

*Flexibility & Conformability: Taconic thermal spray masking tapes, fabrics, and compounds are designed to conform to challenging profiles without lifting, sagging, or moving. These traits make Taconic materials idea for critical masking tasks.

*Peel Adhesion: Taconic pressure sensitive tapes offer industry leading adhesion to metal and face-to-back adhesion. The situation of tape lifting during coating can be catastrophic. For this reason, Taconic tapes are used to ensure the masking survives the coating process consistently.

Finding a Better Way to Save Time & Money While Improving Masking Efficiency…

*Use Strong Tape & Apply Fewer Layers of Tape – The stronger the masking tape, the fewer layers of tape that are required. Each layer of tape adds time and cost increasing the overall cost associated with a masking job. Using a strong tape allows you to mask in 1-2 layers which.

*Reusable Masking – Silicone coated Fabrics and silicone rubber compounds have the ability to speed up masking – to cover and/or large intricate areas quickly. Masking tapes are always single use – they are thrown in the garbage after use. Silicone fabrics and rubber compound molds can be used over and over.

*Post Coating Properties – After the abrasive blasting process is complete, the maskant must remain in place and retain its heat resistant properties and structural integrity. Put simply, the maskant must be strong enough to withstand the forthcoming thermal spray coating.

Why is Masking Necessary?

When a component is masked in preparation of thermal spray, it must first be grit blasted. Those areas where coating is required, must be grit blasted first. It is important to protect the areas where coating (and first abrasive blasting) is not desired. A grit blasted surface will quickly oxidize when left exposed. Hence masking is essential. The masking also prevents potential damage in the case of sensitive components. Ideal masking will offer a 1 step solution. In the case of Taconic thermal spray masking materials, the tapes, fabrics, and compounds are designed to withstand the abrasive blasting and coating process with one application. Learn more about our products in the areas of Abrasive Blasting, Combustion Flame Spray, Electric Arc Spray & Air Plasma Spray.

Feel free to Contact us for more information or a quotation.