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Release properties


At Taconic we like to say “nothing sticks on our watch” – and that’s all thanks to the superior release properties of our PTFE coated materials.

Taconic’s PTFE coated glass fabrics are widely used where chemical resistance, thermal & electrical insultation, food compliance, and heat resistance are needed. However, for many applications, release properties & low coefficients of friction are key.

These properties are important for efficient production in applications such as:

· Food Process Belting (for meats, eggs, pancakes and more)
· Heat Sealing & Flexible Packaging
· Baking sheets (baked goods, confectionary, meats)
· Roller wrapping (Preventing a build-up of polys, epoxies, and adhesives)
· PVC Window Welding
· Chute liners
· Wear strips
· Polybag Manufacturing

With over 60 years of manufacturing experience, Taconic is here to find the solution to your problem. If you have an application where your materials are sticking or distorting, reach out to us for help on our Contact Page.